Forget About Tent Camping with Used SUV’s Grants Pass

If you happen to be a Solocar traveler, then you need to listen up. Forget about camping out in a tent, try truck camping instead as the flies, mosquitoes, and other bugs are less likely to find their way into your SUV. You can read more about Grants Pass Oregon Used Cars.

But, besides the chances of avoiding all sorts of pesky insects when you camp inside a ten, what other advantages are there to purchasing used car’s in Grants Pass and using it to camp truckstyle?

After all, wouldn’t you think that a small tent is so much cheaper? Why get yourself an SUV to sleep in when heading for the great outdoors?

You may reason that you already have a tent. But have you ever experienced a torrential downpour? Once you do, your questions will be answered. For many days afterward, your tent will stay wet and make it hard for you to figure out how to dry it before storing it.

Then there are a couple of other benefits one should mention regarding using for your sleeping over endeavors.

One of these is the security system it is equipped with. Besides, you are camping alone, and whether you are a man or a woman, and you reckon you chose the safest campgrounds, those of you who are used to the peace of mind civilization has to offer, would want a bit more security.

With your SUV, you can lock your doors, and even with windows down, the alarms will sound as the slightest attempt at gaining entry.

It is all about ensuring a sound sleeping experience that aids the feeling of having a comfortable trip.

On top of that, to have an SUV provides a more solid barrier from wildlife. You may have heard of tales where a 500-pound bear who was tearing up a campsite the night before you arrive. So, whether you are in a tent or your SUV, you should display caution at all times.

One thing is for sure, you will safer with metal wrapped around you at night. Who wouldn’t want to be on board their used SUV sleeping soundly and feeling safe and secure?

Also, have you thought about the amount of storage you will need when you make use of tents for camping. With SUV camping, most of the things you will need are everyday household items that you can just extract from home and return to its rightful spot once home.

Enjoying Solo SUV Camping

True happiness knocks on our door not once we get rid of all our problems, but the moment we change how we think about them, and see our issues as a way to awaken, discover new opportunities, and to learn.

This is where the mental component of SUV camping comes into play. Think positively about it and picture all the excitement and adventure you are going to have with your used SUV by your side.

What would make SUV camping challenging?

  • Your bedroll would no doubt be in a small space. Then there is the case of departing from your traditional way of eating. You would have to prepare your food in a new approach such as an electric hot pot.
  • How about the willingness to use campground bathrooms and showers?
  • Then there is the feeling of loneliness as you would have to keep yourself company while venturing out on a small outing.
  • Depending on where you go camping, you may have to deal with no cell phone reception or internet.
  • Without a doubt, you should have an avid interest in reading, enjoying handheld games, and so forth.
  • Would you be happy to walk in the dark to make your way to the restroom?
  • What about the embarrassment when others realize you are camping out of your SUV?
  • You also have to be ultra organized to camp out of your SUV.

While there are particular challenges in making use of your SUV when out and about, including sleeping in it in a camping environment, the benefits of doing so are not all that bad compared to regular tent camping. It gets even better if you went about it the right way by visiting your nearest used SUV’s Grants Pass dealership to clinch a once in a lifetime deal.